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We provide traditional businesses & users with a trusted and easy to use end to end marketplace focused on utility NFTs giving real-life rewards to holders, with support from easy onboarding to reward & invoice management.

NFT as a Service

Automated NFT minting to launch fully custom made NFTs without any crypto or coding experience

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Launchpad and NFT marketplace

Run campaigns, engage with the community and sell your NFTs


Fast & easy onboarding to buy NFTs with crypto or directly with credit card

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Almost infinite number of use cases possible...

Special use cases are Special offers, VIP access, Exclusive events, Discounts, Referrals and Point & item based rewards.

Polarys NFT Offering

Polarys successfully launched the Genesis NFT collection. More than 1000 NFTs were collected
before the 31st of August deadline.



Restaurants and
coffee shops


Personal health

Media & entertainment

Sports club

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