Become a Polarys Ambassador

Help onboard everyday businesses on our platform and earn rewards

Polarys aims to bring utility NFTs to everyday businesses, to grow Web3 adoption at scale. We believe in the power of Web3 to build a better & more prosperous future! Join us on this mission by becoming a Polarys Ambassador right now and start earning rewards!

What is the Ambassador program & how it works

This program is designed to enable our community to onboard everyday businesses into Web3, by referring everyday businesses to launch on Polarys. When these businesses launch a campaign on our platform, the ambassadors get rewarded in $POLAR tokens.

Step 1

Ambassadors reach out to businesses, influencers or athletes they know & could benefit from utility-based NFTs

Step 2

Ambassadors get consent & refer business to our Business development team

Step 3

Our Business development team contacts the business in question and supports their onboarding on our platform

Step 4

The business raises funds through selling utility-based NFT campaigns on Polarys

Step 5

Based on the success of the NFT campaign, the Ambassador is rewarded in $POLAR tokens

Step 6

Ambassadors get higher tiers based on successful referrals (from Basic, to Advanced, to Ultimate)

Why become a Polarys Ambassador

Ambassadors will be grouped in 3 tiers, each tier giving access to more and more rewards, based on successful business referrals:

1,000 POLAR token per successful business referral

+250 POLAR token per $15,000 raised

1,500 POLAR token per successful business referral

+500 POLAR token per $15,000 raised

2,500 POLAR token per successful business referral

+1,000 POLAR token per $15,000 raised

Ambassadors of all 3 tiers will also benefit from additional rewards/perks:

Discord channel with our team

Opportunity to join our Biz Dev team

Invites to Web3 events

Exclusive pfp & reputation NFTs

Other rewards to be announced soon

Applications are open to members of our community!

Apply Here

Loyalty Card programs

no matter the size and nature of the business, a loyalty program will engage and retain more customers.


manage memberships via NFT including proof of attendance, removing the hassle and providing transparency to your members.


NFTs solve a lot of the hassle of ticketing, including counterfeit tickets and unofficial secondary markets.

Product tracking

keep track of your products along the supply chain, verify the products origin and authenticity

Influencers, creators and Athletes

create followers/fans memberships to monetise a community & rewarding them with meetups, merchandising, discounts,...

Raising money for charity

donations to a charity with NFTs working as proof of donation & rewards such as news from the project funded, visits, merchandising, etc.

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